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Myrtle Smith
17 June 2010 @ 12:00 am

Hello and welcome to my LiveJournal! :)

I made this account for the sole purpose of fangirling but I sometimes post random personal stuff here too.

I welcome new friends. Oh, I love meeting people online! So just leave a message here or just add me away, whichever you prefer. But be sure your journal is not empty and that we share the same interests. :)

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Myrtle Smith
28 October 2009 @ 02:31 pm
HELLO LJ! I'm back now, really back. Yaaay! *throws confetti*

Gaaahd, I've been missing a lot. And I seriously miss LJ-ing - one of the best things for a fangirl. So yeah, since I've been away for like 18 weeks (what, THAT long?!), I might not be able to reply to all your interesting posts my dear flist. But I'll TRY to catch up with you guys, coz I miss you sooo much!

On a more serious note, I've been wondering why our dear brat Nino has suddenly turned to be Mino.

My dear Nino. I mean, Mino. :))

BUT! Who's complaining anyway?This is just too cute to pass. :)) And I've finally had the courage to watch Ao no Honoo the other night. I'm regretting it - why did it take me this long to see that film?! Man, Nino was just so damn good. Great. Stellar performance. And what makes it more interesting for fangirls like us? Well, the shower scene of course! *wink*

YES, it really feels nice to be back. But, I have a feeling that I'm gonna spend the rest of my sembreak backreading tons of entries. I've mentally prepared for this one, actually. Haha! And I'm itching to download baka Arashi stuff that I've missed eventhough my disk space is seriously crying for help now. Seriously, how can I resist these 5 Japanese boys? *grin*
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Myrtle Smith

You are the reason why I am in this fandom. I met you and now, I'm addicted to Arashi.

You may not be my ichiban now, but you will always be close to my heart.

You will always be my Domyouji Tsukasa

The cute little petto, Momo-chan

And everyone's Bambino!

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Myrtle Smith
29 August 2009 @ 07:02 am
Dear LJ,

Hello dearie. How have you been? We haven't talked for a looong time. I know, I know it's my fault. I suddenly went MIA and before I know it, I've been away with you for almost 10 weeks. I know I've been missing a LOT but real life has been so tough. I  seriously miss you and our daily fangirling. I miss my flist. I miss everything.

I promise I'll get back at you soon, and I mean SOON. Let's both cry as we read Arashi's 10th anniversary concert reports.

Love and kisses,
Myrtle Smith
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Myrtle Smith
Nino's birthday


*OK, I really don't have any idea with regard to these stuff but I just tried my hands on it because it's Nino's birthday. :) Click the pic and please tell me what you think. LOL.*

And I've got some pic spam...Collapse )
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Myrtle Smith
20 May 2009 @ 10:04 pm
...and this made me the happiest girl. :)

I tell you, the 2 week-long no-computer, no-internet was torture. No fangirling at all. The only thing I did to lessen the pain (for lack of better word, heh) was to use our very slow laptop to play Mafia wars in Facebook. And of course, get some update at least once a day for the recently held Cook-Archuleta Philippine concert. :)

And because I'm still ecstatic, I offer you a very disorganized LJ post. Cheers! :D

-I just watched the American Idol Season 8 marathon last Sunday and I instantly picked Kris Allen as my favorite. And I know that if I have just followed this season's AI, I'll be hooked on K-Sizzle and will be on Allen nation now. Haha!

-I don't get Adam Lambert at all and I don't know why. My mom shares the same sentiment though.

-AI Finale tomorrow and I am more excited to see David Cook's Permanent performance than to know the result. Haha!

-David Cook is looove. His concert was full of awesomeness. It was so surreal, so great, so awesome and so *insert the best adjective you could think of* I am seriously lost for words until now. DWEEB FTW!

-I am so happy for the warmth reception both Davids received from the Filipino fans. And I am happier to see Cook's happy face upon receiving the shirt and the customized guitar the Cookistas gave him. Sad though that we don't have a picture of him with the customized sneakers. Nonetheless, I AM PROUD TO BE A COOKISTA. :)

-Boys Over Flowers started airing in one of the local channels here last week. My sister and niece were instantly hooked, and I know many Filipinos were too. In all fairness, I think the dubbing was OK. Better than OK, really. It made me appreciate Jan Di. :))

-I saw Arashi PV for the first time on TV! I am loving Channel V alright, but can they please play less KPop, less KAT-TUN and more Arashi? Just a thought. :))

-A close friend of mine sent me a message asking me about KAT-TUN. And since I am not really familiar with the other JE groups, we ended up the chat with me giving her three clips - 2 Arashi beatbox and AnS' oppai episode. Now, she's messaging me asking for more Arashi stuff. :D

-Rafael Nadal lost to Roger Federer in Madrid Open Final. Sad, but my hats off to Fed. :)

-My summer class ended yesterday. YAY! :))

I will get back on my flist later, when my dad's not around. They still say it's my fault why our computer broke down, which is true I guess? :) And lastly, I am seriously broke and looking for a part-time job. Help, anyone?
Myrtle Smith
01 May 2009 @ 06:17 pm
I'm supposed to be studying now for my Japanese exam tomorrow, but since I'm such a good student *oh yes*, I haven't even opened my book and notes yet. I'm such a good model student ne? Haha! And because I was checking LJ for that precious Human Beatbox 2 clip from Himitsu no Arashi-chan, I realized it has been exactly one month since I last updated my site. So here's an update of some sort because I'm bored. :D


Yaaay, finally I have my account like three hours ago! :) Flist, if you have an account and wants to add me, please do so. This is my account. :D

Arashi's Fight in Kokuritsu
Thank you Stormy Team for subbing this one. I really REALLY enjoyed it. Especially their shoes, gaaahd those shoes are to die for. I want one myself! If they'll sell those styles, I'll definitely gonna buy though I seriously don't have any money right now. But can I have it in other color? HAHA!

Taimatsu, taimatsu. I now love that word! Choushuu tomose taimatsu. :D MatsuJun ordering Aiba to run over and see if the torch is hot, DoS mode much? And Nino saying he didn't think he'd live this long because he believed in Nostradamus, whaaat. I love the part where Aiba and Sho said almost exactly the same thing and Nino said, "You guys are really members of the same group". :))

A snippet of Ohno playing Niji is definitely at the top of my list. That's really a very, what, endearing Ohmiya moment? *can't stop thinking of AnS oppai episode* Aiba and Ohno's Re(mark)able recording is too funny, Nino's recording outfit is way funnier though. :D

Aiba's always half-nekkid, and I love it. :D And Jun's being scared, OMG. Jun is scared? HAHA! The lights turning off when Sho was speaking and his sneezing/coughing at Ohno's face - WTF is that, haha! Ohno's flying stint is craaazy, but I'd like to see my shadow too if I were him. :)

But what I really love here is the fact that they are unbelievably mesmerized and cannot believe that they'll be doing a concert in Kokuritsu. Their comments and expressions makes me appreciate them more. And because I watched this, I can't help but watch the whole concert again too. :) Now, I'm seriously waiting for the whole concert to be subbed. Yaaaay!

Himitsu no Arashi-chan

So I was watching it yesterday evening but KeyHole it's not functioning properly. :( I was actually waiting for their Human Beatbox but I only saw some parts of it. And I didn't even recognize Believe because even the sounds is not working at all. It's still pixelated and lagging but the screen somehow cleared when Nino was playing Mario. He's so cute. And such a pro, he shouldn't be part of it. HAHA!


It was my first time reading a translation of Arashi's radio show and it happened to be this week's Baystorm which was translated by amnosxmatsujun. And it really cracked me up. It was sooo random. Pantyhose VS stockings? Haha! And Nino forgetting what's happening on May 27th, did he really forget it or is he just being humble? HAHA!

So here's a tip on how to get Nino's attention: She would be wearing a school uniform, stockings with low-heeled shoes and a white scarf. And I want her to be standing, waiting at a train station that only serves 4-5 stops per hour. I could be on the other side of the train station and watch her for a long time.

And to end this post...

It's Official
After days, weeks, and a few months of pure denial, let me say it: I am now a Jun-bait turned Nino ichiban-er. :)

YES, I left Matsumoto Jun for some magic tricks and a pair of hamburger hands.
Myrtle Smith
01 April 2009 @ 06:56 pm
So I backread and commented on most of my friends' posts. But I stopped after reading 760 posts on my Friends Page (including community posts, of course) because apparently, that's the limit here in LJ. I was only able to read posts until the 18th of March, so I'm still clueless on the happenings in the first 10 days I'm away.

Anyway, I am currently downloading Arashi Around Asia 2008. I am sooo excited to watch this, especially after seeing screencaps of Nino playing Niji. OMG. I am seriously inlove with his Niji in Time con and even though this is almost identically the same with the Time con, WTF I don't care. I know I'll fall in love with Niji again and again. And again.

Aside from waiting for my downloads, I am also waiting for my forever fangirl buddy whose whereabouts is unknown. Dear, where are you? I have been waiting for you for two hours! WE NEED TO CONTINUE OUR FANGIRLING. ASAP.

So while waiting, I have answered the 100 Truths meme. I have only known now, while backreading, that mickoo has tagged me. So here it is.

100 TruthsCollapse )

Myrtle Smith
29 March 2009 @ 02:27 pm
So I've been away here in LJ for a few weeks. It's not entirely because of acads (it's part of the reason though), but because I was busy downloading, watching and fangirling Princess Hours. :D My fangirl buddy (Hi dear!) brainwashed introduced me to this fandom a week ago or so and we basically fangirled over at YM. And this basically made me forgot to check my LJ. HAHA! But there were times that I actually resisted the temptation to LJ because I was so addicted to Princess Hours that I can't even study for my exams and I know LJ would just worsen my already bad "study habit". :D

The news is: my sem is not over yet. Yeah, that sucks. BUT! Only two more days left and my summer officially begins. Yaaay! Am I excited? Definitely! :)

But before the happiness and all that, I have to take three more exams - two of which is a matter of life and death. Literally. So I probably won't LJ for those two days. That means that I would continue resisting reading posts and commenting 'til my sem is over. Honestly, I haven't read any LJ posts, even my friends', for the three-week span that I'm away so that's a lot of catching up. I am really off-track now, I know, but I will be back on the 31st of March. Two more days to endure. But, I tell you, that doesn't mean no fangirling for me in those days. :P

Anyway, I am basically here just to let you know that I am still alive. :D And because I was so excited for summer to start, I made my own to-do list when February ended. I was THAT excited. :D

So there everyone. I'm still alive and kicking! I'll be gone again though, but I'll be back in two days' time. Cheers! :)
Myrtle Smith
...and I didn't understand a thing. HAHAHA!

I installed KeyHoleTV yesterday noon and waited until NEWS ZERO was on, which was around 10pm here in the Philippines. So yeah, I waited for like 10 hours just to watch something I couldn't understand. Wait, I think I heard Sho say "arashi" (or was it atarashi?) so I understood one thing. :D And and, I did understand that Yatterman tops the movie sale. Am I right, am I right? :) 385,817 views (or was it sales?), I dunno. But I am definite that Yatterman was at the top. Yaaay! :D

After NEWS ZERO was Arashi no Shukudai-kun. I was laughing hard with this one, they were doing some food tasting and crazy stuff as usual. And again, I did not understand a thing. So that would probably qualify me as being crazy. But I know I'm not the only one, there were almost 500 people watching the show too. And I assume not all of them can understand what was going on. :D

Anyway, one thing that DID make me crazy was the fact that my KeyHoleTV was not displaying Japanese characters.

As you can see, only boxes were visible and the Japanese characters did not appear. Is this something to do with our computer or something? Well, I am pretty sure that this has something to do with our computer. This happened not only this time, but always. My JPop collection is not complete without these frustrating boxes. But being the great techie that I am (HAHA!), I don't know what to do. Do I need to install something to make our computer read Japanese characters? Any help would be greatly appreciated. :)